Five arrests and 26 charges for possession of a large quantity of child pornography.

The maxi operation was conducted by the State Police of Florence and is part of the "Dictum" operation, operationally supported by the National Center for the Fight against Online Child Pornography of the Postal Police Service and originating from an investigation by the Cyber Security Operations Center of the Postal Police.

Among those arrested there are also the driver of a school bus and a catechist.

The elements that emerged prompted the Florence Public Prosecutor's Office to issue computer search orders against all 31 users of the accounts identified in Tuscany, and the analysis techniques used made it possible to ascertain that many of them used anonymous surfing on the Internet to not be traced.

Child pornography downloaded from the web was cataloged according to type, in order to be quickly identified and satisfy the desire of the moment or to share it with other users.

The 5 arrested had collected thousands of images and videos, depicting even very young children involved in sexual acts with adults or with other minors, as well as in acts of auto-eroticism.


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