One hammer on the electronic bracelet and the control system is out of order.

Thus, at night, a 'Ndrangheta killer sentenced to two life sentences (one of which was later commuted to 30 years) for as many murders, including that of a Carabinieri officer, was freed . Massimiliano Sestito , aged 52 , in fact escaped on the evening of January 30 from the house where he was serving home detention in Pero , in the Milan area .

The escape took place shortly before the pronouncement of the Cassation for an appeal made by his lawyers, which was scheduled for tomorrow: Sestito was appealing against the sentence of life imprisonment imposed on him for the murder of the boss Vincenzo Femia attributed to him. Moreover, Sestito had already escaped in August 2013 , while he was on semi-release granted by the Roman prison of Rebibbia , and was then re-arrested while on holiday by the sea, in the Salerno area.

The killer had been released from Terni on 12 January on a provision issued by the Court of Assizes of Appeal in Rome. The house arrest had been granted at the request of the defense . In October 2021, an appeal in Rome confirmed the life sentence for the murder of the 'Ndrangheta boss Vincenzo Femia, and the man was subjected to a precautionary measure pending the hearing in the Cassation set for 3 February.


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