Cardinal Angelo Becciu is now seeking damages from Monsignor Alberto Perlasca, his main accuser in the trial on the management of the funds of the Secretariat of State, a key witness for the prosecution.

But he collects a first defeat: the judge of the Civil Section of the Court of Como Lorenzo Azzi has rejected the request of the prelate of Pattada aimed at obtaining a seizure of 500 thousand euros against Perlasca himself and his friend Genoveffa Ciferri, who to the former head of the Administrative Office of the Secretariat of State would have given away its real estate free of charge starting from 2017.

The disposition of the ordinance states that "in the same narrative of the plaintiff there is no concrete harmful conduct put in place by Perlasca" towards Becciu.

There are also "unproven" consequences for Becciu from the behavior of his former subordinate "as regards the distortion of habits of life" and biological damage, even if the cardinal "reserved the right to produce medical documentation", noting more generally that "the prospect of the appellant makes continuous reference to judicial events that are limited to touching the subject of this judgment and to press articles of dubious relevance and probative value ".

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