Banned from Ryanair flights for asking to use the toilet for health reasons.

The protagonist is Carlo Chiaravalloti, 59, entrepreneur from Buccinasco and owner of two construction companies. The fact dates back to Tuesday 21 March.

Chiaravalloti was on the plane that was to take him from Orio al Serio to Timisoara , in Romania, which he does very often for work.

« I suffer from hypertension and I take diuretics – he told Corriere della Sera -. For this, I always buy the same seat, 1A or 1C, the closest to the toilet, as well as the priority service. On Tuesday, during the flight, I dozed off. The announcement of the landing and the prohibition to get up from then on woke me up. However, just at that moment, I felt the effect of the diuretic and the need to use the toilet that cannot be postponed . Ahead of me was the steward fixing up the toilet. I turned to him."

The flight attendant told him no, it was not possible to move. And the tones soon rose. « He answered me rudely. I told him that I had the medical records and that I really risked losing control of the situation . He told me he wasn't interested. At that point, I told him: "You're really a str...". He asked me to repeat what I said and then showed me the toilet at the back of the aircraft».

The Romanian police boarded the plane at Timisoara airport . «They asked me for my documents and I had to tell them about the toilet episode. Then they escorted me out." The following day , the discovery that he had ended up on the Ryanair blacklist for life "because of his harassing behavior", read the communication. He was also unable to take the flight already booked to return to Italy: «They stopped me when I boarded. I missed an appointment in Milan for a 3 million euro contract».

The entrepreneur now wants to sue and ask for compensation.


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