Hopes are rekindled of finding alive Angela Celentano , the three-year-old girl of whom all trace was lost in 1996 on Mount Faito, in the Neapolitan area, while the family was on a trip.

The Ferrandino law firm, which follows the Celentano family, has identified a girl in Argentina who is suspected to be the missing child. It will be the DNA test to reveal if it is actually Angela Celentano .

«In recent days - reads Luigi Ferrandino's press release - finally a collaborator of my studio, in a northern European country, met the South American girl who we suspect may be Angela Celentano and proceeded to take the genetic material and send it to my studio of Naples . As soon as I have it, I will send it to one of my trusted laboratories specialized in the identification of DNA profiles. I count within a dozen of being able to compare the genetic profile of the South American girl with the profile of the Celentanos ».

“There are many elements that make us think it could be her, but we are not deluding ourselves and are waiting for scientific confirmation,” adds the lawyer.

An unsolved mystery and a new lead after almost 27 years, therefore: the personal data of the Argentine girl correspond to those of Angela Celentano, to which are added a great physiognomic resemblance and a stain on the back equal to that of the missing child .

On August 10, 1996, the girl was on holiday with her parents, where the family had organized a picnic with the group of evangelists. At 13 the father, Catello Celentano, realized that his daughter was gone.

The last to see it on Renato, a child who was 11 years old at the time. He said he went down a path that led to the car to put down the ball, Angela tried to follow him but was sent back. From there, all traces were lost because the child never reached her parents and the 11-year-old did not meet anyone on his return.

So many anonymous reports in these 26 and a half years, none have led to that little girl who today, if she were alive, would be 30 years old.


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