Alarm in Sant'Angelo Limosano, in the province of Campobasso, for the disappearance of a child.

The little girl, 5 years old, lives in a country house. The searches began yesterday evening and went on all night, today in the late morning the news of the discovery, which took place about 2 km from home. A police helicopter spotted her in the middle of the bush.

The grandfather said that his granddaughter has only scratches and seems to be fine: "He recognized me and smiled at me."

According to the relatives, the child, Nicole, would have brought a chair to the window and from there she would have leaned out to go out, taking advantage of a moment of general distraction: her mother had scolded her and then went to give milk to the other child. little. The window is on the ground floor and in any case about one meter from the ground.

The details of the affair need to be clarified.

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