Tragedy in Stuttgart , Germany, where two Italian restaurateurs were found dead in the cellar of a restaurant. These are the 53-year-olds Rosario Lamattina and Gianni Valle , the first originally from Caggiano, in the province of Salerno, and the second from Roccagorga, a village in the province of Latina.

According to reports from the local press, the two would have died of cuts and it is not excluded that it may be the result of a ferocious quarrel , which led them to be injured with knives or pieces of glass. However, the investigations are also open to other scenarios.

There are currently no indications that other people are involved in the case. The local police specified this, underlining that the investigations continue across the board.

"We have no evidence that other people may have participated, nor that there is any involvement of organized crime," police spokesman Stephan Widmann told news agencies. "The autopsy examination is still ongoing and is investigating in all directions," he added.

The two bodies were found in the basement of a building in Geschwister-Scholl Strasse, where the “Valle” restaurant is located. Last Monday the body of a 32-year-old woman was also found in the area, who died in a closed garage, but according to the police "the cases are not connected".

In Caggiano , the small town of Cilento from which Rosario Lamattina came, people who knew him speak of murder-suicide : they ask not to be mentioned, but they affirm that, according to the news coming from Germany, it would be the preferred hypothesis by investigators Germans. There is talk of problems of depression and also of economic issues : it seems that the two had sold one of the two restaurants they ran together.

In confirmation of this lead, the fact that the murder would have taken place in the office inside the restaurant and that the door would have been closed from the inside .

Those who knew him speak of Lamattina, who often returned to Caggiano, as a " generous and always available man. Many local boys went to his restaurant to learn the trade and he always welcomed them with pleasure. The whole community is shocked. . His wife Margherita is originally from the country and just last month she returned. They have a teenage son born in Germany ".

The autopsy, they say in the village, should be done today.

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