The French Cassation confirmed France's refusal to extradite the 10 ex Br of the years of lead to Italy.

The refusal to accept the appeal to the Court of Cassation on the extradition of 10 former Italian far-left militants, mostly former members of the Red Brigades, refugees in France after the "years of lead", was expected.

For the 10, including 8 men including Giorgio Pietrostefani, convicted of the Calabresi murder, and 2 women (former Br Marina Petrella and Roberta Cappelli), the French court had already denied, on 29 June last year, the extradition requested by Italy.

The president of the Chambre de l'Instruction had motivated the refusal with respect for private and family life and with the right to a fair trial, guarantees provided for by articles 8 and 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

But the next day Emmanuel Macron had stated that "those people, involved in blood crimes, deserve to be judged in Italy". For this reason, the attorney general of the Parisian Court of Appeal, representing the government, had filed an appeal with the Cassation. Which today confirmed the refusal.

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