Chinese military maneuvers continue in the sea and in the airspace around Taiwan , "focusing on the organization of joint anti-submarine and maritime assault operations", the Eastern Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) specified in a note. .

Beijing had initially indicated a period of maneuvers from 4 to 7 August in response to the visit to Taipei of the American speaker Nancy Pelosi .

Yesterday, however, PLA did not make any announcements about the end of its "war games", but the Taiwanese Ministry of Transport had announced a return to normal transport after "bans on flying and navigation" in six of the 7 areas around the island had failed since noon.

The ban on the seventh zone, in the waters to the east, would remain in force until 10 local time (4 in Italy) on Monday 8 August. But the new announcement seems to reshuffle the cards and give the green light to routine exercises around the island.

In the meantime, air traffic in the area is returning to normal : the Ministry of Transport has announced it. At the moment the command of the eastern theater of the Pla, while announcing new exercises in the seas and in the airspace around Taiwan, has not provided specific alert positions. The number of flights, normally around 150, is gradually returning to normal.

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