An "Israel-linked" cargo ship was seized by Islamic Republic forces in the Strait of Hormuz. The announcement came from Iranian state television at the height of tension over rumors of an "imminent attack" by Tehran or pro-Iranian groups in retaliation for the raid on the embassy of the Islamic Republic in Damascus, in Syria.

From what we understand, there are 25 people on board the vessel, all crew members.

The news was also confirmed by the shipping company MSC, based in Geneva: «We regret to confirm that the MSC Aries, owned by Gortal Shipping Inc, affiliated to Zodiac Maritime, and chartered by MSC, has been boarded by the authorities Iranians with a helicopter."

The Iranian news agency claims that the ship "flys the Portuguese flag and is operated by the Zodiac company, which belongs to the Zionist capitalist Eyal Ofer" and that it was "heading towards Iranian territorial waters."


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