The American writer and philosopher Noam Chomsky has been discharged from the hospital in Sao Paulo in Brazil where he had been hospitalized since June 11, undergoing therapy against the effects of the serious stroke that struck him in 2023.

This is what the Spanish agency Efe states, citing the medical bulletin. The news comes at the end of an evening in which the news of the death of the 95-year-old intellectual spread, later denied by his wife, Valeria Wasserman.

Noam Chomsky's wife has

“It's not true,” Valerie Wasserman said of her husband's alleged death.

Chomsky, who is 95 years old, suffered a serious stroke a year ago.

The Beneficencia Portuguesa hospital said he was discharged in the last few hours and is continuing treatment at home.

Yesterday, Chomsky's name became trending on


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