A Ukrainian drone strikes an airport in the Kursk region of Russia . This was announced by the governor of the region Roman Starovoyt on social media: «Due to a drone attack in the Kursk airport area, an oil storage tank caught fire. There were no casualties,” he wrote.

Already yesterday Moscow accused Kiev of having hit two of its air bases with drones and, in response, launched missiles in different areas of Ukraine. As many as 70, of which 60, Kiev said, were shot down by the Ukrainian defense system. In the crosshairs «critical and civil infrastructures» . Four victims, Volodymyr Zelensky reported in the usual video message to the nation.

The Wall Street Journal says the United States secretly modified the Himars rocket launcher delivered to Ukraine so that it could not be used for long-range missiles capable of striking Russia . A "necessary" precaution, writes the newspaper, "to reduce the risk of a wider war" with Moscow.


Yesterday Vladimir Putin visited the bridge that connects Crimea to Russia , hit by an attack last October . The president crossed the bridge, which has been repaired, and spoke to some of the workers who are working on it, according to the Tass news agency.

Putin personally drove the car in which he crossed the bridge, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, who gave him a report on the repair work. In a video broadcast on television, the president can be heard saying: « We are walking along the bridge on the right side. The left side, as I understand it, is okay, but it needs to be completed. It has suffered more or less the same damage, it is necessary to bring it to optimal condition ».

On 8 October a truck bomb exploded, killing four people and collapsing two arches of the part of the bridge reserved for vehicle traffic. According to the Russian internal security service, FSB, the attack was masterminded by the Ukrainian military intelligence services , led by Kirill Budanov.

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