That the bad adventure is just a memory is demonstrated by the last video posted, in which the Neapolitan influencer Giuseppe Russo , who manages a Facebook page with over a million followers called "My trip to Naples", relaxes by snorkelling with the girlfriend Federica on the beaches of Mexico .

But for nearly three hours, upon his arrival at the Cancun airport, he was considered an eponymous drug trafficker . Certainly not a pleasant experience as he himself told on his social pages.

« It could happen to you too , so I want to warn you », he explains from his facebook profile.

Russo premised that «nothing serious happened. I'm fine, it was just a bad episode that kept me at the airport for two and a half hours ». «Basically - he says - after an eleven-hour flight, tired, with the only desire to get to the hotel and rest, when I get to passport control, the policeman starts leafing through my document and staring at me. He browses and stares at me. I'm starting to wonder if there were any problems. He asks me the reasons for the trip. 'Tourism', I reply. Then he says that a further check is needed ».

Russo is then transferred «to a restricted area of the airport. They confiscate my cell phone and hand luggage and leave me in a small dark room, alone, waiting for I don't know what. They lock the door…imagine the fear. I wondered what had happened, after all I did nothing, I never committed a crime. I try to knock on the door, no answer. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't communicate with anyone . Eventually a policewoman arrives and leaves with a string of questions: what are my family's names, what work do they do. He repeats if my name is Giuseppe Russo and if I'm from Naples. I say to her: 'Yes, is there a problem?'. After the interrogation he explains to me that they are looking for a drug trafficker from Naples , with the same name as me, but that they have understood that it is not me».

The misadventure of the influencer is finally over: "They apologize for the time they made me lose and let me go".


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