Tears and emotion today in the chapel of the Erzingen cemetery , in Germany , for the last farewell to Erminio Congiu, Anna Prasciolu and Giuseppe Congiu , the parents and their 34-year-old son killed last March 26 by the homicidal fury of their other 19-year-old son Eddie at culmination of an argument.

Of that family who emigrated from Sardinia in the hope of a better future today only the other two young daughters remain , one miraculously escaped the attack and both are in church today for the funeral . The local community, led by mayor Jurgen Wiener, has started a fundraiser for them. «In these difficult hours – the mayor recalled – we are united and we carry the weight of this tragedy together».

At the sad ceremony the three coffins next to each other. Around 300 people arrived for the final farewell not only from Germany and the small town of Hohentengen , 4000 inhabitants in the land of Baden-Wurttemberg, on the border with Switzerland, where the family lived, but also from Sardinia, from Silius and Ballao , where Erminio Congiu and Anna Prasciolu left 38 years ago.

During the sermon , recited in both Italian and German , the priest recalled the pain of those who remain today , with a thought on the drama experienced by these parents who " one day perhaps will be able to forgive this son from the afterlife ".

The coffins were then buried in the Erzingen cemetery , next to the chapel.


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