Life is gradually returning to normal in the Gaza Strip and southern Israel following the reaching of the ceasefire between Islamic Jihad and Israel.

Early in the morning, several diesel trucks entered the Strip destined for the local power plant to allow it to resume operations after two days of closure. The plant announced that it still needs several hours to be able to increase the supply of electricity which, at the moment, remains eight hours a day.

In the meantime , the Internet connection has been reactivated in the Strip, which yesterday had been interrupted for many hours in various areas, due to the fighting. In Israel, the police now allow free transit on the roads near the Gaza Strip, after a closure that lasted for a week.

The railway line between Ashkelon and Sderot is also about to be reactivated, after the technicians have determined that the rails have not been damaged by the mortars and rockets of Islamic Jihad.

TRAGIC BALANCE - In the three days of fighting between Islamic Jihad and Israel in Gaza, as reported by the local health ministry, 44 people were killed , including 15 children and minors and four women. The wounded are 360 .

Islamic Jihad today announced that it has lost a total of 12 leaders and members of its military wing.

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