The Financial Times has named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky "person of the year" .

The British newspaper reports it in its online edition.

A recognition due to the "extraordinary demonstration of leadership and fortitude" of the Ukrainian president, calling him " a Churchill for the age of social media ".

Zelensky, writes the newspaper, " embodies the resilience and courage of his people against Russian aggression " and has become " a standard bearer of liberal democracy in the largest global confrontation against authoritarianism of the 21st century ". The Ukrainian president, we read again, has won "a place in history for his extraordinary display of leadership and fortitude".

Using social media, he has conducted an "incessant" campaign to obtain military and financial support from the West, transforming the plight of his people attacked by Russia "into moral leverage on leaders in Europe and the United States, he has convinced Europeans to support the enormous costs of opposing Putin ».

He is " the antithesis of Russian President Vladimir Putin , hiding in the Kremlin, whose obsession with rebuilding an empire has cost tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives."

Interviewed by the Financial Times, Zelensky said he was " more responsible than courageous " because he hates "disappointing people".


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