For the first time a former American president is involved in a criminal trial. The case is the one starring Donald Trump: he will be indicted for the story of the porn star Stormy Daniels. The charges in the investigation by the Manhattan prosecutor's office are over 30 and relate to corporate fraud.

According to his lawyer, the tycoon should hand himself over to the authorities on Tuesday.

The indictment was approved by the grand jury. It was the porn star Stormy Daniels who got Trump into trouble, the New York Times reconstructs: it was 2016, the time of the election campaign for the White House, and the woman allegedly received a black payment so that she did not reveal her relationship with Trump. Instead, he has always said he is extraneous to this reconstruction and speaks of a "political persecution".

But who is Stormy Daniels? Her real name is Stephanie Clifford, she was talked about a lot a few years ago: in 2018 she said she had received threats in order not to disclose the story she had 12 years earlier with what at the time was the tycoon Donald Trump, future president of the United States. A month before the elections, in October 2016, he allegedly received 130,000 dollars from Michael Cohen (the tycoon's lawyer) to pay for his silence. The star of over 150 adult films, he had a difficult childhood, characterized by situations of poverty. She was still a minor when for the first time she performed as a "support" in a striptease, even though her dream has always been to be a journalist.

The agreement that he would have stipulated for the Trump affair, he had also underlined through his lawyer, had not been signed by the person concerned and for this reason it would have had no validity.


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