An emergency military mission to the Gaza coast to build a temporary offshore dock capable of accommodating large cargo ships with humanitarian aid .

It's Joe Biden's coup for the State of the Union speech before Congress. A live TV stage to rise from the historic lows of the polls (38.1%) boasting in front of millions of Americans the "record" results of his administration , proposing a tax increase for companies and billionaires and raising the alarm on the risk for democracy if his rival Donald Trump wins (live commentator, minute by minute, of "the dishonest Biden's" speech) .

The Dem leader risked arriving before the assembled Chambers completely empty-handed on the foreign policy front, with aid to Kiev blocked by the Republicans in the House, the incessant Houthi attacks and the stalled negotiations on the ceasefire in Gaza. After the humanitarian drops parachuted from the sky, Biden therefore decided to also launch the operation by sea, agreed "with a group of partners in the Middle East and Europe without waiting for Israel" , as senior administration officials confided in a briefing .

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani announced from Bucharest - during the EPP congress - that he had already communicated to Ursula von der Leyen Italy's adhesion «to the proposal, which is becoming increasingly concrete, of a maritime humanitarian corridor » for Gaza .

The White House is also working with the Israelis to open a new crossing directly into northern Gaza and will “continue to pressure Israel to authorize more aid to Gaza by land.” In short, an acceleration at least on the humanitarian front while awaiting a political-diplomatic turning point which, if it does not arrive, could compromise Biden's re-election , as suggested by the protest of the Arab vote in the Dem primaries.


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