After the attack carried out by Tehran against Israel, Iran's air defenses are on high alert in anticipation of a possible Israeli counterattack which could be "imminent" . This was reported by some Iranian media relaunched on X by analysts and observers. Iran will have to wait "nervously without knowing when the attack might come, just like it did to Israel," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a meeting of Likud ministers. Then he added - according to the same sources - «Israel will respond to Iran's attack but it will do so wisely and not instinctively».

According to White House spokesman John Kirby, the attack was a "spectacular" failure . But on the possible response "we will not be involved" , he added: "The Israeli government will decide for itself whether there will be a response and what it will be".

«We had no choice but to exercise our right to self-defense» , the words of Iran's ambassador to the UN, Saed Iravani , during the emergency meeting of the Security Council . Iravani explained that the Islamic Republic's decision was taken in response to the Jewish State's raid on its diplomatic headquarters in Damascus , Syria, which cost the lives of seven senior members of the armed forces and the Revolutionary Guards.

«The United Nations Security Council – added the diplomatic representative of Tehran – has failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security by not condemning the Israeli attack on April 1st against the Iranian consulate in Damascus and in these conditions, the Islamic Republic had no choice but to exercise its right to self-defense."

For his part, again during the UN Security Council, the Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan called for "all possible sanctions" against Iran.

“The Iranian regime is no different from the Third Reich and Ayatollah Ali Khamanei is no different from Hitler ,” Erdan thundered. Adding: “The unprecedented escalation shows what happens when warnings are not heeded. The fact that Israel showed itself superior does not take away the brutality of the attack ."


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