From Sardinia, passing through Ireland, the United Kingdom and finishing in Rome, to the United Nations Organization, for the World Food Programme, to train, together with "Squicciarini Rescue", officials and UN Commissioners in the use of the defibrillator first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

This is the professional career of Manuel Carta , 41 years old from Alghero, married, who settled in Belfast in Northern Ireland, after traveling a lot and living for a period in London. For some years he has dedicated himself to training in the health field. Paramedical instructor, Manuel Carta has already trained 3500 people of all nationalities.

«I'm currently following a project with the Sardinia Foundation called "Safe sleep and food cutting", - he says - all in the pediatric age. This project will give 2500 mothers and fathers from all over Italy and the UK the opportunity to learn what life-saving maneuvers are and will also be able to have a pediatric first aid kit. In Sardinia, in Alghero, a point of reference is being created for the training of the "Squicciarini Rescue" coordinated by me, in which we will concentrate the American Heart Association instructors. We will involve the population in targeted projects and courses for pediatric unblocking maneuvers and cardiopulmonary resuscitation ».

An ambitious project and, above all, useful for the community. A great professional growth for a paramedic who has found new opportunities abroad.

«Sometimes you just need to set foot outside Sardinia to have the right push to make a change in your life», comments Manuel Carta who, however, remains strongly linked to his island, so much so that right here, in the Coral Riviera, a headquarters for the prevention of heart problems and for learning how to clear foreign bodies.

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