Thirty kilos of cocaine on a truck coming from the port of Livorno .

The maxi seizure was carried out on Thursday by agents of the Flying Squad of the Cagliari Police Headquarters and the Traffic Police on State Road 131, near Monastir .

The load was hidden on a pallet of the vehicle, belonging to a transport company from Cagliari.

During a normal control service, a road patrol of the Sanluri detachment, examining the documentation of the transported goods, found an anomaly. In fact, there were some objects on the pallet that were not present in the packing list.

They then proceeded with a more careful examination and, when they saw some car parts wrapped in cellophane, they became further suspicious, alerting their Flying Squad colleagues. The truck was therefore taken to the police vehicle centre, where it was subjected to more thorough checks. And inside, in addition to car doors and seats, the officers found two boxes containing thirty rectangular wrappers , each of which contained a kilo of cocaine.

The driver of the truck, who had loaded the pallet in Lombardy, was unrelated to the facts as established by the investigators who started investigations to trace the people involved in the shipment.

The large quantity of drugs placed on the Sardinian market would have brought in at least three million euros .


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