They swim in groups or alone and often choose the protected marine area of the Asinara National Park as their ideal location, inside the Pelagos cetacean sanctuary .

The marine mammal monitoring report reveals that 46 specimens of the dolphin species "Tursiops truncatus" frequented the body of water which enjoys the protection of all cetaceans passing through the area .

The experts of the Crama association have found with a certain frequency the presence of the coastal and sedentary species used as a target , object of study during its movements.

The Crama, the marine animal recovery center located in Cala Reale, observes the composition of the group, the behavior, the sounds it makes and collects the number of species present.

"During outings at sea, the weather conditions are usually recorded using a dinghy, and with the help of a GPS, the Waypoint is defined which establishes the beginning and end of the monitoring", explains Roberta Pitzoi, operator of the Crama center , «a visual search of cetaceans that allows you to collect significant data. The next step is the collection of a series of photos to be analyzed which highlight the presence of adults, juveniles and puppies».

Once drawn up, the maps are sent to the Asinara Park Authority every three months.

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