The rites of the 38th edition of the pilgrimage on foot to the Cagliari basilica of Bonaria have begun in Sinnai. Around 7pm the small statue of Bonaria was transferred in procession from its beautiful niche (at the intersection of Via Roma, D'Arborea and Perra) to the parish of Santa Barbara. The rite was held with the parish priest Father Gabriele Biccai accompanied by a group of faithful.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 6.30 pm the new procession to accompany the same statue to the Piazza di Sant'Isidoro where at 10.30 pm a happening will be held before the celebration (it will begin after midnight on Thursday) of a mass. Immediately afterwards the pilgrimage on foot to Cagliari will begin.

Along a route, on the outskirts of Sinnai, the prayer procession will accompany the simulacrum back to its niche among popular songs and prayers to the Madonna in an atmosphere that promises to be of great emotion. All around two in the morning: immediately afterwards, the pilgrims will resume their journey towards Settimo, Selargius, Monserrato, Pirri and Cagliari to reach the Basilica of Bonaria at 8 in the morning on Thursday. Thousands of faithful are expected for a night of prayer: there are those who will ask for a grace for themselves or their loved ones and those who will pray for peace in the world.

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