The only survivor of the Sinnai massacre, Luigi Pinna, "was not reached by any notice of guarantee" as part of the investigation by the Cagliari Prosecutor's Office into the accusations against Beniamino Zuncheddu, recently acquitted after the review process who erased his 1992 life sentence.

This was stated in a note by the lawyer Alessandra Maria Delrio, defender of the civil parties Luigi Pinna and Fadda Daniela in the proceedings against Zuncheddu, responding to the news according to which her client is being investigated for slander.

«To date, Pinna has not received any notice of warranty. This information - explains Delrio - therefore appears to be aimed exclusively at diminishing the reasons for the sentence and the figure of the civil parties assisted by me. However, it is considered necessary to remember that the civil parties remain the victims of a massacre which today has no culprits. Pinna and Fadda deferred to the Court's decision and today can only agree with its reasons. I would also like to remind you that lying to a judge during a hearing would not amount to the crime of slander but that of false testimony, it is therefore clear that the reference to an investigation is solely aimed at discrediting the work of the Court and damaging the figure of those who will remain the victims of a brutal and unpunished crime", concludes the lawyer Alessandra Maria Delrio.

It was Pinna who recognized the servant shepherd of Burcei as the killer who killed Gesuino Fadda, his son Giuseppe and Ignazio Pusceddu, in the sheepfold on the slopes of Serpeddì in 1991 , paving the way for the heavy sentence now cancelled. More than thirty years after those accusations, in recent months, the super-witness had then retracted his recognition, claiming that the photo of Zuncheddu had been shown to him by a policeman and that therefore he would have been induced to accuse him.


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