He was irrigating his land in Siniscola yesterday morning, in violation of the municipal ordinance which prohibits the use of water for non-domestic purposes. And the employees of the central Sardinia reclamation consortium arrived and fined him. Today he showed up at the organisation's headquarters, pulled out a gun and shot wildly, before disappearing without a trace.

The protagonist of the violent episode, for which fortunately no injuries were reported, is Giovanni Bomboi, 42 years old, farmer and municipal councilor of Siniscola. After an escape that lasted about 8 hours, he turned himself in accompanied by a lawyer.

For a week in the town, due to the drought, a provision from the mayor Gian Luigi Farris has been in force, who found himself forced to prohibit the «withdrawal and consumption of water for non-domestic uses and in particular, for irrigation purposes, watering of private vegetable gardens, gardens and vehicle washes, parks for public use". The municipal ordinance overlaps with that of the Consortium which for weeks has prohibited the use of Macheronis water for purposes other than human ones, for watering animals and for cleaning the rooms that house them.

But Bomboi still decided to give water to his thirsty land. According to initial information, his activity did not go unnoticed and the men of the consortium enforced the ordinance.

The 42-year-old spent a night and this morning, according to what we learn - therefore not at the same time as the sanction, as initially emerged - he decided to take the law into his own hands.

He showed up at the CBSC headquarters, pulled out his weapon and fired some shots. Two hit two vans, none hit people even though the weapon was aimed at eye level. The workers immediately took cover and called the police.

Bomboi was wanted by the police and carabinieri. In the evening he showed up spontaneously.

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