From Campania she managed to get 288 euros credited from a 58-year-old from Selargius for the purchase of a refrigerator. However, the appliance, sold online, never arrived in Sardinia.

For this reason, the Carabinieri of Selargius reported a 26-year-old from Castel Volturno, unemployed and beneficiary of basic income, for aggravated fraud.

After this episode, the revocation of the support measure will be proposed to INPS.

The refrigerator had been put up for sale on a web platform, with the victim, originally from Cagliari but residing in Selargius, having paid 288 euros by bank transfer to a top-up postal card.

After the complaint, the carabinieri followed the path of the money and arrived at the 26-year-old from the province of Caserta.


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