Carabinieri on the trail of the arsonist who, with his face covered, started the fire in front of the house of the owners of the Domotica Ginatempo company , in via Degli Ulivi in Porto Torres , dousing the company van with petrol.

From the images of the video surveillance cameras, recorded around 2 am, between Thursday and Friday, a man can be seen pouring two liters of fuel onto the vehicle with a bottle and then running away . The flames devour the van and all the equipment contained inside, material worth around 8 thousand euros.

The tongues of fire reach the shutter and the company car, a Ford Focus that Davide Ginatempo, one of the company's owners, barely has time to move.

Alarmed by the neighbors, he runs out of his house, barefoot gets into the vehicle and drives it away a little further on. However, the flames had already damaged the Ford Focus and the laboratory shutter.

"We have never had problems with anyone, not even an argument ," says Rebecca Ginatempo, one of the company's administrators. “They ruined us,” he repeats. " My parents taught me respect for others and above all not to ask anyone for anything ", is the outburst of Davide Ginatempo, son of the owner of Home Automation, the company inherited from his father Claudio who passed away eight years ago. "When you give away these gestures without a justifiable precedent, think about it for two minutes," he adds, turning to the attacker. «To you who out of madness do not know that you have taken away the means and the tools, to ensure a future for me and my employees, know that my father saw you and unfortunately for you so did I. I think I have a future while you don't, my dear ."

The community shocked by the episode responded promptly to the request for help, showing its generosity towards the family affected by the cowardly act. The fundraising started has made it possible to reach over 25 thousand euros .

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