They call 118 but when they arrive the health workers find the house full of dog excrement and waste of all sorts. The episode occurred in recent days in Porto Torres, following a call to a house in Viale delle Vigne, for an emergency intervention for a woman who was complaining of health problems.

But upon their arrival at the house, the operators found the rooms dirty with dog and cat excrement, animals that lived together with the woman and a man, both tenants of an apartment transformed into a landfill. Bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens dirty with waste of all kinds.

The air was unbreathable, the stench could be felt at the entrance of the door. Neighbors have long complained about the state of decay. Health workers struggled to transfer the woman, who suffers from psychological problems, to the emergency room. They found garbage in every corner of the house.

The police also intervened on the spot. A situation of serious degradation and loneliness.

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