«We started in 2017 with the construction of the temporary stadium - the Unipol Domus - in a very short time, 120 days, only with our own efforts, I think a record in Italy. From there we started and walked quickly, hoping to complete the construction of the definitive stadium within 4-5 years . We spent several millions on the various projects, but unfortunately we found ourselves faced with an infinite number of obstacles of all kinds, especially bureaucratic."

Thus the president of Cagliari Calcio Tommaso Giulini , speaking on the topic of the new stadium in Cagliari and, more generally, on the issue of new stadiums in Italy, in view of the 2032 European Football Championships.

«From 2017 to today – said Giulini in a video contribution to Repubblica's Metropolis Files – we have reached the third regional council, and any council obviously wants to give its point of view and put its own "brick": this does nothing other than slow down the proposer a lot in the various designs . Now there are still two thirds of the funds to be found , which we hope to also raise by debt, not only with equity from private individuals, therefore from Cagliari Calcio and the builder".

«The problem - added the number one of the rossoblù club - is that we are faced with a country system where the main Italian banks do not finance the world of football, because the world of football is a non-bankable world, being a world at risk; and if the main Italian banks don't finance the stadiums I believe that very few will be built in Italy."

«I wonder – concluded Giulini – how it will be possible, at this rate, to be able to host the 2032 European Championships in Italy. I think it will be very complicated ."


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