Nineteen fires broke out today in Sardinia. Two of those required the intervention of the air fleet.

A Canadair took off from Olbia, as well as a Forestry helicopter which left from the Anela base, also arrived in Villanova Monteleone, in the “Monte Pottu Codinu” area . Three teams from the Forestas Agency and the Sassari fire brigade intervened. The firefighting operations ended at 5.30pm. Twenty hectares of cork oak forest in ashes.

There was also a fire in Villanovafranca, in the “Monte Narba” area: the extinguishing was coordinated by the staff of the Barumini Forestry Corps station, who requested the Villasalto helicopter to be sent with its own staff on board. In addition to the Gauf of Cagliari, two teams of volunteers from the associations of Villanovafranca and Senorbì and one of the Iglesias firefighters intervened . The extinguishing operations with the aerial vehicle ended at 5.30 pm. Forest patrol personnel remained on site for the cleanup.


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