The health care of an entire region in turmoil, which is experiencing a situation that is “no longer sustainable”. With "many disputes that have been open for more than two years". All different "but widespread in all the territories of the region". Consequence: "Operators and operators exasperated, who cannot impossible ensure a level of performance such as to guarantee citizens the respect of the right to health , enshrined in Article 32 of the Constitution".

The public health trade unionists of CGIL, CISL and UIL, who met in Tramatza today to discuss the situation and decide how to deal with it, describe a devastating picture.

The final document of the meeting retraces all the critical issues and tragedies experienced inside and outside the hospitals, to get to support the regional secretariats, which have called an imminent large public demonstration.

"The health system, in difficulty for years, with the pandemic has brought to light all the limits produced by the logic of linear cuts that the political class has pursued for years, producing the progressive weakening of services, despite the continuous complaints and trade union demands" , is explained in the official statement. The result "is a situation of total disarray of the health service, which workers have tried, as far as possible, to contain in every way with hard work and their own sacrifice".

If the responsibilities are distributed over several legislatures, the reform wanted by the Solinas junta ends under accusation: "It restores the 8 Local Health Authorities and establishes a new" governance "of the health service", but "it is still incomplete due to the slowness with which the necessary guidelines, the lack of which is generating managerial confusion and disorientation in the operators, preventing adequate responses to be given to the serious existing emergency ".

While waiting for the policy to "put an end to its unjustifiable failings", according to the trade unionists, "the workers and health workers, now exhausted, are forced to work grueling shifts to address the strong shortage of staff".

From dispute to proposals. For CGIL, CISL and UIL "it is urgently necessary to launch an extraordinary recruitment plan" but also "to increase the financing of the Regional Health Fund".

Meanwhile, the trade unionists announce that "we will leave no stone unturned to defend the rights of workers in the health service and the right to health of all citizens".

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