Through four resolutions, the Solinas Council has given the ok to the addresses for the adoption of the acts of the health authorities of Sardinia.

The measures indicate the guidelines intended for the Regional Health Authority (Ares), the eight Asl, the three hospitals in Sardinia (the two Aou of Sassari and Cagliari and Arnas G. Brotzu) and the regional company for the emergency (Areus).

"The guidelines for the adoption of corporate acts represent a very important element for the functioning of our health system ", explains Governor Solinas , adding: "We must not forget that we have approved and are carrying out a complex health reform , with a from a model strongly hinged in the single company to a very different organizational system, able to bring the territories back to the center - continues Solinas - To prepare the new guidelines, careful work and dialogue also on the political level were necessary to reach to a provision that adheres to the inspiring principles of the law that has led to the current structure of the health system, with eight Asl and Ares, the latter understood not as a single company, but as a service company to support other companies health services whose only mission must remain the provision of health services. If Ares deals with personnel, tenders and cquisti, then the local health authorities can concentrate all their work on care and assistance ".

"I remember that company documents - echoes the regional councilor for health, Mario Nieddu - are the tool that designs the organization and governance structures of health companies and their relations outside, with other bodies, the Region and The reform has already begun some time ago and pending the measures we approved today, we have nevertheless found solutions that have allowed companies to continue to work at their best without any obstacles. Our goal - concludes Nieddu - has always been to we have done so and now, through company deeds, we will consolidate an approach on which we must, today more than ever, aim for the future of Sardinian healthcare ".

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