According to the experts, Alba Veronica Puddu , the 53-year-old sentenced in the first degree to life imprisonment for aggravated voluntary homicide, circumvention of an incompetent person and fraud - and known in the news for having treated patients suffering from tumors with ultrasound - is "partially incapable of understanding and want", and also "socially dangerous and not able to practice the medical profession".

This is the outcome of the psychiatric assessment ordered by the Assize Court of Appeal of Cagliari, which appointed Professor Elvezio Pilfo, former expert for Annamaria Franzoni in the Cogne case and more recently in the trial of Alessia Pifferi.

The professional is accused of having treated patients suffering from tumors with alternative methodologies - ultrasound, radiofrequency and blood revitalizations - which would have reduced the patients' life expectancy and accelerated their death.

The expert report was illustrated today in the courtroom by Professor Pilfo, and the civil consultant Diego Primavera agreed with the document, while the defense consultant, Paolo Milia, went further explaining that "there are elements that point towards a total inability ".

The lawyer Rita Dedola represents the widow of the only patient whose death was attributed to the doctor in the first instance trial.

We return to the courtroom on September 20th for the indictment by the Attorney General Luigi Patronaggio and the speeches of the plaintiff lawyers, Rita Dedola, Mauro Massa and Gianfranco Sollai. Defense lawyers Gianluca Aste and Michele Zuddas will argue on October 4th, and the sentence could also arrive on the same day.

The investigations were started after a broadcast of "Le Iene", on 19 November 2017: cases of cancer patients who had abandoned traditional therapies for those proposed by Puddu were reported. In May 2018 the investigating judge had banned the doctor from practicing the medical profession, but before that she had been subject to disciplinary proceedings by the Nuoro medical association.


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