Giuseppe Casula passed away at the age of 44. A lorry driver from Pirri, he had become famous in Sardinia, and not only, because in September 2022 he had prevented a possible tragedy: while driving his truck he had stopped an old woman who was traveling the wrong way on the 131 Dcn.

Concerned, Casula had scolded her. In the meantime, he had blocked traffic with his heavy vehicle and helped the woman to turn around. If he hadn't intervened, who knows how it would have ended.

Now the heart of that generous truck driver has stopped beating. And his colleagues decided to pay homage to him. On the occasion of the funeral, which will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 21 May in the parish of San Giovanni Battista della Salle, in Monserrato , they will show up with trucks. For the last farewell.


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