An "inadmissible", "unrealizable" and "non-compliant" proposal with the legislation .

The Order of Doctors of the province of Cagliari rejects without the possibility of appeal the idea of the Health Councilor Bartolazzi to offer a specialization school to doctors willing to accept a primary care role for a few years on the island.

A proposal that has already ended up at the center of a political clash with the opposition and also rejected by the unions.

«Beyond the critical issues and enormous difficulties that the implementation of the proposal would entail, it would have to be accepted by the Ministry of University and Research, a step which we do not know has been advanced. Furthermore, it would most likely be in the nature of non-compliance with the rules governing the matter and, in fact, it would be impossible to implement ", reads a note signed by president Emilio Montaldo.

More: «It would be a solution that does not solve the problem but postpones it for a few years. Indeed, the proposal could worsen an already severely compromised situation. General medicine, like all other disciplines, is a serious matter that does not deserve to be debased with proposals of this type . Rather, let us try to make this work more attractive with an offer of support services to the profession that allows local doctors to provide assistance in the best possible way."


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