Posing as a fortune teller, he had a woman from Quartu deliver 260 euros and then tried to extort more money from her by threatening her with a "hot" video.

The victim was a 52-year-old woman who, desperate, turned to the police, triggering the investigations that led to the complaint of a 58-year-old from Chiavari (Genoa) in a state of freedom.

The man, unemployed and known to the police, in July 2022 deceived the Quartese woman by qualifying as a fortune teller on TikTok and WhatsApp .

First he had 260 euros delivered, then he tried to get more money but the woman refused. So he decided to change his modus operandi: proposing - in case of refusal - catastrophic events with the use of occult magic, he had a video sent to him that portrayed her naked and with this he blackmailed her by trying to extort another 1,100 euros , proposing in in the event of refusal, the dissemination of the film.

Only at that point did the desperate victim ask the military for help. The man was charged with attempted extortion and fraud.


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