The artist Enrico Ruggeri will be the protagonist of the Turritana Easter Monday, dedicated this year to the promotion of Asinara. The program was defined by the Municipality of Porto Torres. The singer-songwriter will perform under the Aragonese Tower in Porto Torres on April 10 at 5pm, at the end of two days of events that will revolve around the so-called "Asinara Area", a small fair on the island set up at the end of the Corso.

The program will kick off on Easter day, Sunday 9 April from 12, with a musical animation event and an Easter aperitif offered by the Turritane shops, in the two city squares, on the Corso and in the first stretch of via Mare.

The first event on Easter Monday, Monday 10 April, will be at 12 with the music of Hélen's band, Alenu 'e sole band and Gabri DJ, in various squares and streets around Turrita. The early afternoon will be the turn of the Pirates who - at 3.00 pm in Piazza Garibaldi - will cheer up the little ones with a show organized by the Assovela Association; from 3.30 pm the itinerant dances of the folk group Etnos Li Bainzini are scheduled, which will enliven the streets of the center with traditional sounds and colors.

At 5pm the concert by Enrico Ruggeri will start and then, at 7 and 8pm in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, it will be the turn of Noi e bò and the Duo Red. The island of Asinara will be the star of the entire Turritana Easter Monday. In the Asinara Area - set up around the Tower for the occasion - various stands will be available to citizens and visitors. Here, with brochures and information material, the sea and the nature of the Asinara Park, the work of tour operators and the various professionals who gravitate around the island and its gulf will be told. A children's play area, typical handicraft stands and the Porto Torres Vespa Club exhibition will also be set up.

«We are very satisfied with the billboard put up for Easter Monday 2023 - declares the councilor for Culture Maria Bastiana Cocco - with appointments for all tastes and for all ages, and able to intercept the public from all over the North West. This result is the result of teamwork involving the municipal administration, the Asinara Park with its operators, cooperatives, traders and local associations. Confirming that when everyone feels like a protagonist, Porto Torres manages to give its best and show its riches to the fullest».

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