Misadventure for a French tourist at Domus De Maria .

The 55-year-old woman was trying to reach the road on a solo hike when she slipped into a dense gully and got lost .

With the coming darkness, without food or water, with shoes completely unsuitable for the route, she panicked. Fortunately she managed to call 112, the European emergency telephone number: the operator of the Cagliari operations center, who knew French, invited her to share the position on WhatsApp , then continued chatting with her to reassure her.

Meanwhile, a mixed team with the Carabinieri of Capoterra and the agents of the Stations of Pula and Teulada of the Forestry Corps of Environmental Surveillance of the Sardinia Region arrived to his rescue. The Forestry staff retraced the gully, reaching the woman in the valley, bringing her to safety after two hours on the road.

Two days ago a 25-year-old from Cagliari and a French peer were also rescued who had lost their way inside the Quirra military polygon.

(Unioneonline / D)

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