The owners of the “San Nicola” retirement home in Sassari are likely to end up on trial for manslaughter . The Prosecutor, at the end of an investigation into the infections and deaths from Covid dating back to the period between the end of February and March 2020, asked for indictment.

The preliminary hearing in front of the GUP is scheduled for October 26th. Stefania Rubelli, daughter of one of the victims, 68-year-old Margherita Cesaracciu , presented the complaint that gave rise to the investigation conducted by prosecutor Paolo Piras.

Five doctors, technicians and managers of the RSA were then entered in the register of suspects.

The 68-year-old, suffering from multiple sclerosis and therefore not self-sufficient, had been living in that retirement home for two years.

Between the end of February and March 2020, with the first infections, the structure closed its doors to the family members of the guests, who can only be contacted by phone or video calls. During one of these video calls Stefania Rubelli would have noticed that one of the operators who assisted her mother would have been devoid of protective devices .

On March 19, the first 4 positive swabs, people who could not be transferred were placed in solitary confinement. But from that moment the cases continued to increase, until March 29, when Cesaracciu was also positive. The woman's condition worsened as the days passed, on April 6 she was transferred to hospital and on the 19 she died.

The worst days in the RSA date back to March 28, when there are five deaths from Covid in 24 hours, and to April 1, when the regional health councilor gave an initial shock assessment of the swabs on the 120 elderly people hosted at the time: 44 positive on the 55 tests carried out .

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