The taxi drivers' strike sends Cagliari and its traffic into a tailspin. Via Roma blocked by white cars, no service at the airport and hundreds of tourists who remained on foot .

The procession moved from the airport to the Regional Council, pending a confrontation with the institutions. And a traffic jam caused by the white tide paralyzed the city center for the whole morning.

At the base of the mobilization the government liberalizations and the Uber bugbear that looms over the category. In the crosshairs is article 10 of the competition bill , taxi drivers are asking for it to be removed to avoid a "wild liberalization" of the sector.

Liberalization that according to the delegate of Southern Sardinia Giovanni Frongia would be to the detriment of the users themselves: "Tomorrow anyone will be able to go and ask for a taxi license and you, the user who gets into the car , do not know if the car is overhauled and if the taxi driver has the professionalism to to be able to carry out this work ".

Furthermore, add the taxi drivers, there would no longer be any service obligations such as certain night time slots and the costs should also be revised , explains Giovanni Bosso of Federtaxi: "With liberalization we would no longer be able to guarantee and economically support the preferential rates".

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