A Brazilian wanted for a year for murder and attempted murder had taken refuge in Sardinia , the police arrested him in recent days.

The man is under investigation in his country of origin for having shot his pregnant ex-partner with a gun, causing very serious injuries as well as the death of the fetus . After the episode he escaped without trace and Brazilian judges issued an international arrest order.

As soon as the news arrived that the man was in Sardinia, the operators of the Flying Squad of the Sassari Police Headquarters, coordinated by Michele Mecca and assisted by the agents of the Olbia police station, started the search. Searches that immediately concentrated in the Gallura area, because the investigators discovered that the wanted man was in Olbia. The investigations then led the officers to the countryside between Budoni and Olbia, to a house in Agrustos, where the man had moved to avoid contact with the police .

Then, after some stakeouts, the blitz began. The Brazilian, after completing the formalities in the police offices, was taken to the Bancali prison .


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