A 28-year-old man residing in Arzachena was arrested by the Carabinieri of the Compagna di Tempio for sexual assault against a 15-year-old girl.

The military, coordinated by Captain Giuseppe Scotto di Tella, carried out an order from the investigating judge of Tempio, Marco Contu. The events took place at the end of November in a village in Upper Gallura. The victim, according to the records, was taken with a trap to a garage and then the alleged attacker forcibly removed her trousers.

The very young schoolgirl fought back and scratched the man. The attacker's reaction was brutal. The girl was savagely beaten: according to the prosecutor Claudia Manconi's investigation, the alleged perpetrator of the violence hit her head on the floor at least six times.

The victim was also punched and kicked, but eventually managed to walk away from the garage.

Despite death threats, she told her parents everything before being hospitalized. The victim's family is assisted by the lawyer Alberto Sechi. The defenders of the arrested man are Angelo Merlini, Donatella Corronciu and Giampaolo Murrighile.

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