He stalked his pregnant ex. But thanks to the "Mobile angel", or the anti-violence smartwatch, the carabinieri managed to arrest him. It happened in Naples.

After the last complaint, the military on 22 March had given the woman the newly adopted hi-tech watch for cases of ill-treatment and stalking: a device directly connected to the Arma operations centre, which allows you to send the alarm in case of danger, with the control unit which, having received the alert, geolocates the victim and sends help.

And thanks to the new device - which is being tested in Naples, as well as in Turin and Milan - the woman was able to report the umpteenth threats received from her ex.

For the 44-year-old man, already known to the police, house arrest was triggered: he is considered a serious suspect of persecutory acts committed against his ex-partner, who is pregnant.


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