In Ischia we continue to dig in the mud. Seven bodies have been recovered so far by rescue teams.

THE NAMES OF THE VICTIMS – The confirmed victims of the landslide are Eleonora Sirabella , 31 years old; the little brothers Francesco Monti - 11 years old - and Maria Teresa Monti - 6 years old - belonging to the family whose parents and another son are still missing. Another family made up of Maurizio Scotto Di Minico (born in 1990), Giovanna Mazzella (born in 1992) and GiovanGiuseppe Scotto Di Minico , a newborn of just 22 days, was also found dead. The body of 58-year-old Nikolinka Gancheva Blangova , of Bulgarian nationality, was also found.

RESEARCH - The search for the five people still missing following the landslide that hit the town of Casamicciola on Saturday continues unabated. The forces of order, civil defence, firefighters and groups of volunteers are beating the hilly area of the island municipality inch by inch, but it is difficult to guess where the fury of the water, which with unheard-of violence hit the town, has could throw people.

THE COLLAPSE – It was five o'clock in the morning of Saturday 26 November, it had been raining incessantly for hours on Mount Epomeo, close to Casamicciola, one of the six municipalities into which the island is divided known for its thermal springs , when a hole in the mountain . The earth and the collapsed trees mixed with the water, generating a mudslide that overwhelmed everything on the road.

Cars and buses ended up in the sea, huge boulders rolled downstream. An episode according to a tragic script, that of the landslide of November 10, 2009 and which the now battered Piazza Anna De Felice, renamed in homage to the 15-year-old who lost her life precisely in the tragic events of the time, recalls.

The thought also goes back to five years ago, when the earthquake caused two victims between Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno. Scenes already seen but that don't stop hurting.

EXTRAORDINARY CDM – In the meantime, the Council of Ministers, in an extraordinary session, declared a state of emergency for one year and approved an initial allocation of two million euros.


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