Ryanair calls for the resignation of the president of Enac Pierluigi Di Palma, who, according to the Irish company, must "take responsibility for the false report produced by Enac and presented to the Italian Government on the price of airline tickets".

So the vector in a note. «The false Enac-Di Palma report», attacks the group CEO, Michael O'Leary, «is littered with errors and false statements, but surprisingly does not underline Italy's legal obligation to guarantee price freedom for both carriers Italians and those from the EU who operate in the Italian market. This false report from ENAC demonstrates that its president is unfit to supervise the organisation's activities", given that "there is no evidence of any price collusion between airlines". The claims about oligopolies, the manager claims, "show his incompetence on the airline economy", given that "there is no barrier to entry into the national markets towards Sicily and Sardinia".

According to O'Leary, while Ryanair «continues to add planes, more flights and lower fares to and from Italy», Di Palma and the Minister for Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, «produce decrees to control illegal and illogical prices, in violation of EU law which Italy (as an EU member state) is obliged to respect. This illegal and illogical decree will only result in lower capacity and high airfares on national routes to and from Sicily and Sardinia."


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