The mother of the newborn whose lifeless body was found two days ago , with the umbilical cord still attached, inside a backpack abandoned among the rocks at Villa San Giovanni , near the landing stages for Sicily, has been traced.

She is a thirteen-year-old of Italian nationality. The girl was identified in her parents' home in Villa San Giovanni by the Carabinieri and the Reggio Calabria Flying Squad, who are investigating on behalf of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Prosecutor's Office for minors. She was taken to hospital and hospitalized because she was suffering from septicemia, a consequence of giving birth last weekend in circumstances which investigators are investigating.

The family context to which the thirteen-year-old belongs is particularly degraded. An autopsy on the newborn's body is expected today, aimed at ascertaining in particular whether the newborn was already dead when he was born or whether the death occurred subsequently and, if so, for what reasons.


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