The search continues, frenetically. A race against time that passes and increasingly diminishes the hopes for the last person missing in the tragedy of the Suviana basin. In the meantime, divers have identified a new body. This is the sixth victim of the Suviana basin massacre . He is Alessandro D'Andrea , 37 years old, a specialized technician originally from Forcoli, a town in the province of Pisa. Only one of the workers is still missing, but the toll of the explosion at the Bargi power plant, in the Bologna area, is dramatic.

The genesis of the drama two days ago, when there was an explosion in the hydroelectric power plant of the artificial basin: a turbine exploded on the eighth floor below zero. A large fire broke out from there, followed by the flooding of the lower floors of the structure and the collapse of an attic.

After forty-eight hours of searches, the number of confirmed victims rises to six. In the morning, two of the four technicians still missing were found, whose bodies were found on floor 9. They sadly join those of 36-year-old Vincenzo Franchina from Sinagra in the Messina area, of Pavel Petronel Tanase, 45-year-old born in Romania, from Settimo Torinese , and the 73-year-old Mario Pisani, born in Taranto and resident in San Marzano di San Giuseppe. The fourth victim is Adriano Scandellari, a 57-year-old born in Padua and resident in Ponte San Nicolò, a specialized worker for Enel Green Power in the O&M Hydro function who had recently been awarded the star of merit for his work by the head of state, Sergio Mattarella . The fifth, however, Paolo Casiraghi, 59 years old, from Milan, technician of Abb.


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