He would have hunted down the young people who had quarreled with his son shortly before and, as soon as he tracked them down, he would have taken justice into his own hands by shooting in the legs and wounding one of them, a 19-year-old .

For this reason , a policeman from Caserta ended up under house arrest . The episode took place in the municipality of Santa Maria a Vico, the carabinieri are investigating.

The dispute, which broke out for trivial reasons, involved three or four boys in a very crowded meeting point. The agent's 18-year-old son got the worst, who received a slap in the face . The teenager then returned home and reported the incident to his father.

The policeman would thus have taken an untraced weapon to go in search of the attackers. When he tracked them down, he first had a scuffle and was pushed to the ground by the boys, then allegedly got up and fired twice. One of the two bullets hit a 19-year-old in the leg , already discharged from hospital with a ten-day prognosis.

The 49-year-old policeman was arrested by the carabinieri on charges of aggravated injuries, according to the first reconstructions he would have used a clandestine weapon .


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