Sexual acts on a fourteen-year-old student: with this accusation, a teacher from a high school in Pescara was banned from teaching for a period of twelve months . The provision, as we read in the local press, was issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Pescara Francesco Marino, who also established an absolute ban on contacts of any kind between the teacher and the girl.

"The relationship of custody between the tutor and the student serves to neutralize the effectiveness of the minor's consent" we read in the ordinance. In the reconstruction of the story, in fact, no constraints emerge , but only a situation of confusion on the part of the minor girl who, after some time, following displays of jealousy from the woman, seems to have decided to end the relationship .

Prosecutor Gabriella De Lucia, with the code red procedure, had requested house arrest for the teacher. According to the investigations, sexual intercourse took place in the woman's home, other encounters took place in the school premises . All facts which, in a story with many sides still to be clarified, date back to two years ago and emerged after the report of the school psychologist who was treating the girl and collected her confidences.

While the teacher's lawyer, the Pescara lawyer Carla Tiboni, has announced the appeal to the tribunal of freedom, there is disbelief in the school, we can still read it in the local press, where the teacher is highly esteemed both by colleagues and by students.


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