Serena Bortone, presenter of "What will be" on Rai3, read the monologue on April 25th by Antonio Scurati "cancelled" by Rai . Thus ended a day of controversy, including accusations of censorship from the opposition and "editorial choices" claimed by the Viale Mazzini company.

«As you probably know, a monologue on April 25th by Antonio Scurati was scheduled for this evening but it won't be there», said the presenter. « Last night I discovered by chance that the contract with Scurati had been cancelled. I spent the whole evening calling, sending messages and emails but I couldn't get any explanation. This morning I had to call Scurati to explain to him what had happened. But since I have read imaginative and offensive reconstructions, I point out that Scurati's reaction was to give me the text written for us, authorizing me to read it, which I will now do ."

Below is the text of the monologue on April 25th .

"Giacomo Matteotti was murdered by fascist hitmen on 10 June 1924. Five of them waited for him outside his house, all squadristi from Milan, professionals of violence hired by Benito Mussolini's closest collaborators. The Honorable Matteotti , the secretary of the Socialist Party Unitarian, the last person in Parliament who still openly opposed the fascist dictatorship, was seized in the center of Rome, in broad daylight, he fought to the end, as he had fought all his life. They stabbed him to death, then disfigured his body so that he could stuff it into a badly dug hole with a blacksmith's file."

"Mussolini was immediately informed. In addition to the crime, he was guilty of the infamy of swearing to the widow that he would do everything possible to bring her husband back to her. While he swore, the fascist Duce kept the victim's bloody documents in his desk drawer " .

"In this false spring of ours, however, we are not only commemorating the political murder of Matteotti; we are also commemorating the Nazi-fascist massacres perpetrated by the German SS, with the complicity and collaboration of the Italian fascists, in 1944. Fosse Ardeatine, Sant'Anna of Stazzema, Marzabotto . These are just some of the places where Mussolini's demonic allies massacred thousands of defenseless Italian civilians, many of whom were even burned alive.

"These two concomitant mournful anniversaries - spring of '24, spring of '44 - proclaim that fascism has been throughout its entire historical existence - not only at the end or occasionally - an irredeemable phenomenon of systematic murderous and massacre political violence. They will recognize this , once and for all, the heirs of that history? Unfortunately, everything suggests that this will not be the case. The post-fascist ruling group, having won the elections in October 2022 , had two paths ahead of it: to repudiate its neo past. -fascist or try to rewrite history.

"After having avoided the topic during the electoral campaign , the Prime Minister, when forced to address it by historical anniversaries, obstinately stuck to the ideological line of her neo-fascist culture of origin : she distanced herself from the indefensible brutalities perpetrated by the regime (the persecution of the Jews) without ever repudiating the fascist experience as a whole, he blamed the massacres carried out with the complicity of the Republican fascists on the Nazis alone, and finally he ignored the fundamental role of the Resistance in the Italian rebirth (to the point of never mentioning the word "anti-fascism" on the occasion of April 25, 2023)".

"As I speak to you, we are once again on the eve of the anniversary of the Liberation from Nazi-fascism. The word that the Prime Minister refused to pronounce will still throb on the grateful lips of all sincere democrats, be they on the left, center or right Until that word - anti-fascism - is pronounced by those who govern us, the specter of fascism will continue to haunt the house of Italian democracy ."

The text was also published by Giorgia Meloni on her Facebook profile, according to the prime minister the left "is building a case", there is no censorship.

«In an Italy full of problems – writes Meloni – even today the left is building a case. This time it is for an alleged censorship of a monologue by Scurati to celebrate April 25th. The left shouts at the regime, Rai replies that it has simply refused to pay 1800 euros (the monthly salary of many employees) for a minute of monologue (which is "false", Scurati then clarified, who in fact had the presenter read the monologue , ed.) . I don't know what the truth is, but I will happily publish the text of the monologue (which I hope not to have to pay for) for two reasons. Because those who have always been ostracized and censored by the public service will never ask for anyone's censorship. Not even those who think that their propaganda against the government should be paid for with citizens' money; and so that Italians can freely judge its content."

In an internal Rai document published on the Repubblica website we read that Scurati's participation in "Che Sara", on Rai3, was "cancelled for editorial reasons".



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